5 Affordable Fitness Watches to Keep Your Health on Track

5 Affordable Fitness Watches to Keep Your Health on Track

If you are a fitness freak and are looking for a fitness watches band that can keep track of your health then there are many options available out there in the market. There are many types of fitness bands with different features and great battery life. You can buy them both online and offline as you like and wear it on your wrist.

These bands keep track of your heartbeats and steps and many other things that are required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With the track of your physical health, you will be able to improve and enhance your body fitness.

• Honor Band 5:

With a 0.95 Inches amoled touch screen display makes this watch one of the best crisp looking watch. Belt clip design of the strap makes sure that it is stuck to your wrist and every information like heartbeat count and others are counted properly. You get multiple watch faves and the battery of the watch can last up to 14 days once fully charged and the watch is waterproof thus when you are out jogging in sweats, your watch is not affected by it. You can choose from different modes too which contain cycling, running, indoor walks, outdoor walking, swimming and so on. It can be purchased for ₹1999 and people can get extra discounts too if applicable.

• Realme Watch:

Realme watch is also one of the best selling watches which is not only budget friendly but providing a lot more functions. With the help of this watch, you can not only keep track of your health but also provide you functions like operating your phone like camera application, receiving and making calls, and even texting someone. The watch currently costs ₹3795 but can be bought at discounted prices too if applicable.

5 Affordable Fitness Watches to Keep Your Health on Track Price

• Realme Band:

Realme band is something that can keep track of every physical activity of yours. Be it monitoring your heart rate or oxygen in your blood. You can choose between different sports mode and choose different faces of watches. The band is also waterproof and thus can be worn no matter if it is raining or if you are sweating profusely. The watch costs ₹999 and can be seen with price reductions at times of discounts.

• MI smart Band:

MI has ruled over the smartphone world by giving out new budget smartphones to the common man with every possible feature. They have thus maintained this status by launching outsmart bands. These smart bands price ₹1899 and can be bought at a cheaper price if a discount is going on. With 20 days of battery health capacity and unlimited face watches along with amoled touchscreen display, the watch becomes a flagship for everyone.

• Fastrack Reflex 2.0:

Fastrack Reflex is one of the best fitness watches you can get. To save the power to watch the watch screen sleeps and thus gives you 10 days of battery life. The watch keeps track of your sleep and even receives notification like calls and alarms for you and has been priced for ₹1495.