5 Finest Free SEO Tools To Facilitate Site Optimization

5 Finest Free SEO Tools To Facilitate Site Optimization

A search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is crucial for any successful online venture. SEO tools make it simple to do things like increase a site’s search engine rankings, discover the most effective keywords to use and analyze where one stands against the competition.

The five best free search engine optimization tools are:

Animalz Revive –This tool is best-suited for refreshing the content.

Its perks include:
Refreshment of content.
Analysis of content for decay.
Provides reports via emails that can be shared with ease.
A typical SEO challenge for many businesses is knowing what to update. However, with Animalz Revive, that will no longer be a problem.

AnswerThePublic –This tool is best suited for turning questions into relevant keywords.

Its perks include:
Provides one with consumer insight.
Works with autocomplete data.
20,000 businesses use it every month.
Provides SEO-friendly content strategy.
AnswerThePublic is a great free SEO tool to assist one in finding out more about the most popular searches on Google that are pertinent to one’s business. With AnswerThePublic, one can eliminate the time-consuming process of manually searching through hundreds of keywords in search of inspiration for new posts since the tool does all the work, which saves a lot of time.

CanIRank – It is best suited for keyword rank positioning.

Its perks include:
Availability of analysis reports of keywords.
Availability of thematic keyword signals.
It provided one with easy-to-comprehend reports.
CanIRank is helpful for increasing both traffic and paying customers. Using the website, products, and services, as well as those of its competitors, the tool assigns a ranking to each keyword. It offers 20 link opportunities as well. This tool provides valuable data that can be used to make a site more friendly to search engines.

Google Analytics – It is a powerful tool for analyzing a website’s and company’s online activity. Its perks include:

Options to track online traffic.
Availability of offline to online tracking.
Availability of relevant data reports.
Availability of customization as per request.
With its seamless integration with other Google products, Google Analytics is a must-have if one uses any Google-based marketing tools.

WooRank – It is the best tool when it comes to analytics and reporting.

Its perks include:
High-quality SEO-based solutions.
Availability of real-time results.
Availability of free browser extensions.
Availability of solutions to fix relevant issues on the website.
WooRank’s premium features can be tried out in its 14-day trial.

Some common characteristics of a good SEO tool are:

Availability of detailed reports
A balanced presentation of metrics
Solution for keywords
A good SEO tool can help one with:
Keyword Research
Local SEO
Mobile SEO
On-page SEO
Rank Checking
Site Speed


SEO is essential because it significantly adds to the visibility of one’s website, which results in an increase in organic traffic as well as an expansion of the number of opportunities to turn prospects into customers. Therefore, it should be emphasized that companies make use of the appropriate tools to promote themselves on virtual platforms, and these tools can be of great help in doing so without completely breaking their bank.