5 Ways to Handle Emotional Blackmail in a Relationship

5 Ways to Handle Emotional Blackmail in a Relationship

If you are in a relationship and are being emotionally blackmailed by your partner then you are in serious trouble. Emotional blackmail is considered to be a dysfunctional form of manipulation through which people place demands and threaten victims to get what they want. Most of the time being afraid of losing the relationship you give up and become emotional blackmail and finally end up being manipulated again and again. The fact that you get easily emotionally blackmailed makes your partner believe that you can be easily manipulated.

How Handle Emotional Blackmail in a Relationship?

There are a few ways through which you can be easily emotionally blackmailed.

  • Making your demand seem reasonable
  • Making the person feel selfish
  • Allying with someone and intimidating with the person.

These are some ways to easily emotionally blackmail someone. There are many other ways that these types of people invent but the question now arises how do you differentiate if your partner is emotionally blackmailing you are is he giving a genuine comment. The answer to this question is very simple in the following conditions you can easily find out that you are being emotionally blackmailed.

  • Frequent apologies. Those who frequently apologize to their partners for being the reason for every single mishap in their partner’s life are being blackmailed.
  • Being forced. Being forced by your partner to do things with their own style only is a sign of being emotionally blackmailed.
  • One way things. You feel like you are making sacrifices and efforts in the relationship only from your side only.

Now as we have talked about the Symptoms we should also talk about the cures of not getting emotionally blackmailed.

  • Recognizing what actually is a genuine thing and what is being forced on you and standing up for yourself
  • Understanding the pattern of how the whole emotional blackmail thing starts, you can easily dodge the bullet.
  • Finding support and resources for your help can also be beneficial in such situations.
  • You need to take actions to improve or end your relationship yourself and should not depend on someone else for it.
  • You need not be bound to your partner. You need to be free from everyone. You need to be a total individual soul.

Benefits of Remaining out of a Toxic Relationship

These types of relationships where you are getting emotionally blackmailed are no other than toxic relationships. These relationships eat your brains and make you emotionally and physically weak. Most people think and have gained the mentality that these type of things of emotionally blackmailing is done from the male side only but the fact is totally different.

It has been found that both male and female society is into emotional blackmail thing. They tend to keep their partner in control because of benefits be it physical benefits or anything else. People who remain out of these toxic relationships tend to remain less under stress and are able to perform much better in their life.

So if you are getting emotionally blackmailed, all you need to do is step up for yourself and whatever is good for you.