7 Different versions of CRUSH!

7 Different versions of CRUSH

Social Media Crush

Social media crush are that type of crush whom you follow on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Hike, Whatsapp etc. Usually this crushes remains only crushes because you don’t feel anything more than that. You just adore their outer beauty. These crushes are usually friend of friends, sometime classmate or colleague. These crushes doesn’t last for forever, it fades after certain period of time.

Celebrity Crush

Celebrity crushes are very much similar to social media crushes but the only key difference between two is that social media crushes are normal humans. There is always one celebrity or sometimes more in everyone’s life whom they adore more than any other celebrity. You follow that special celebrity on every possible website and very much up-to-date after their activities. Just like social media crushes you don’t feel anything more than just adoring their outer beauty.

For example: For guys right now, Disha Patani is a national crush and for girls, Ranveer Singh is an ideal boyfriend and they adore him for that.

One-Minute Crush

Just like title, these crush last for a minute or two. A type of adrenal rush you feel when you encounter with some gorgeous girl or handsome hunk in any restaurant, airport or any other public place. In this type of crushes you don’t know their even their name , you just fall for their appealing personality and this strong fades after a minute or shifts to other ‘one-minute crush’.

Faculty Crush

This type of crush usually happens in higher secondary classes and colleges. Possibly there is always one faculty in your school or college for whom you fall. You just keep drooling over that faulty in their lectures and you never miss out their lectures too. You score the highest marks in that particular faculty’s subject just to impress him/ her and also to be in his/her good books. You always to be treated special by that particular faculty, don’t you?

Crush on Friend’s Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Sometimes your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend is so appealing that you can’t stop yourself from drooling over them. You feel attracted towards your friend’s girlfriend/boyfriend because you like the way he/she care for your friend, or some other specific habit of them.

A Crush Made by Friends

In this case you don’t actually have crush on that person but you are rumoured to be having crush on that ‘xyz’ person and your friends doesn’t miss a chance to the publicity of the same.

A Booked-Crush

Having crush on that person who is already in relationship with someone else but you just can’t resist yourself from drooling over your crush and sometimes do regret why you did not approached him/her when he/she was single.

In some cases people even pray that crush breakup with their guy/girl.

If you got more points to add in the list of crushes then do tell us in comment section below. Do tell us about your version of crushes. Stay tune for more stories like this.