A Success Story of Digital Entrepreneur – Sanjay Dhawan

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Sanjay Dhawan

Digital Marketing is a booming topic nowadays. Digital marketing utilizes the web and computerized media to advertise/promote products and services to increase their organization/company’s sales. Digital marketing has become very famous in the 21st century, which is parallel to social media growth.

Brands have seen vast potential in bringing their products & services online too, where they have seen massive growth in sales apart from the offline market, and all the credit goes to digital marketing. In this digital marketing field, some people have left the benchmark that is very tough to touch and goes to a very high level.

Today we will know the inspiring story of one of the best personalities in the Digital Marketing field – Sanjay Dhawan.

This man’s story begins with being a hardworking student while completing his BCA study at one of the finest universities. Till now, he had given his full consideration regarding assignments, and he wanted to achieve great things throughout everyday life. But now, he has a chance to go into the industry and achieve his dreams.

Sanjay Dhawan

His professional career begins in 2010 as an Executive SEO in one of Chandigarh’s top organizations. After the hardworking struggle of 8 years in this industry, he was a le to attain a higher level as a manager.

After achieving a lot in this life from his job, he left his job and started his business to complete his rest dreams which he could not fulfill with his career.

Today, Mr. Sanjay Dhawan is a Digital Marketing Consultant and has 13 years of work experience dealing with customers from the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and worldwide. He gives digital marketing services like SEO, PR, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Management, and many more. He is the founder and CEO of PRISHAM WEB SOLUTIONS. He is dealing with sites like feed, GoogleSEOupdate, AboutFeed, and THEBROTECH.

After achieving a lot in his life, he didn’t stop Mr. Sanjay Dhawan has set a new goal in his life. He says to work from morning 9 am till one night time. He accepts how much fruitful you become in life; you ought to work continuously hard. This 32-year-elderly person is a motivation for the young people of India. This man constantly hustles; how much ever higher in life he goes, he feels that his ultimate objective is to contact the sky. We wish him the best for the future, and we trust he continues to move individuals like this and a lot more individuals to make the progress that Mr. Sanjay Dhawan has accomplished.