Five Best Content Marketing Strategies

Five Best Content Marketing Strategies

There is increase in use of Ecommerce Content Marketing these days to boost the product sales. Websites with effective content marketing receives more traffic with higher conversation ratio. The power of content marketing will give a boost to brand name and helps to acquire new and referral customers.

Let’s have a look at the top five Ecommerce content marketing strategies that drive the maximum ROI.

Use Interactive Stories Rather Than Traditional Blogs

More than half of the online users don’t trust only branded content and just a move from interactive storytelling will help to create emotional connect with the target audience. It’s obvious that our mind develops more interest in stories and creating a brand tale will give a boost to your business. This will help to build trust among the audience.

Such stories can be created by keeping in view the customers, their interests, social causes and product features. The best stories can be building by doing a survey from the target audience. Afterwards; stories can be spread by different types of content, blog posts, GIFs, videos and a series of images.

Create Epic Content Pieces

Epic content refers to a strong content that motivates target audience to stop and read/watch or share it. Such type of content offers a solution to the customers either in the form of product or service. This also helps to create more awareness about the business model.

Epic content offers comprehensive information and motivates people to bookmark the information. While developing such content, start by identification of one aspect of a bigger problem and then offer the solution. For instance, if you sell physical fitness products, best choice of topic would be “Fitness: an ultimate guide”. Make sure to include everything about physical fitness in the post and write the content after doing extensive research.

Leverage the Power of Social Listening

Determination of prospects is important and social listening acts as the best tool. This helps to identify the limitations of your competitors and this will help to find out an opportunity which can be capitalized on content. Social listening tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social will include keywords and find out the context of discussion related to your business. While selling any product or service, make sure to monitor related phrases.

Generate Content Ideas from Online Reviews

Reading online reviews helps to gather the positive and negative comments at one place. This makes it a perfect place to get the best content ideas. These reviews won’t only figure out the issues of the audience but also highlights the expectations of them. You can find the best reviews online by selecting the category of products you are dealing into.

Start Creating Shoppable Videos

Videos lays a powerful impact on the audience. In recent time, shoppable videos acts as a medium to bring ecommerce and content closer in an interactive viewing environment. This gives access to various products to the customers. The links in the videos can take the audience to the target page. This reduces the buying time of the customer and maximizes ROI.

Although, its not so easy to increase the return on investment but with the efficient use of right tactics, you can increase sales and net profitability. Explore and implement to experience the new ecommerce content marketing.