Why A Good Night’s Sleep Is Vital For Our Daily Functioning

Why A Good Night’s Sleep Is Vital For Our Daily Functioning

A good sleep is essential for mental and physical health. Many people take it for granted and find themselves getting inadequate sleep due to their work and social attitudes. Getting adequate sleep plays a vital role in our livelihood and may also help prevents depression, heart disease, weight gain and enables body to repair and get fit for another day. Sleep has links to emotional and social intelligence. Someone who get adequate sleep is more likely to have expertise in recognizing other people’s emotions and expressions.

Here are the reasons as why a good night’s sleep plays a key role in our health and overall functioning.

Better Productivity & Concentration

Are you the one who feel sluggish in the morning and near to impossible to get motivated to give the best productivity? Keep a check on your sleep patterns. Several studies indicate that lack of sleep affects brain function, concentration, productivity and cognition. Even kids who behave badly are because of lack of sleep. So no matter your age, if you want to be able to concentrate good at work then make sure to sleep on time.

Weight Management

With increase in number of fad diets and gyms, most of people think that they will loose weight in such a way while the realty is somewhat different. Before spending money on weight loss pills ,make sure to set strong foundations with decent mattress to get a calm relaxing sleep. The right mattress improve your sleeping environment and give you a good night sleep you always wanted.

Fights Depression

People who are battling with depression find it a struggle to sleep properly. It’s not just depression leads to poor sleep but any kind of mental illness also leads to poor sleep and other disorders. Sleeping disorders increases the severity of depression and might lead to suicidal thoughts.

Healthy Living

Healthy lifestyle remains the top priority of everyone. This is not just about eating well and exercise but much more than that. One must not forget about mental health and sleep well to experience healthy living. Lack of sleep leads to different risks and directly affects our health and lifestyle.

Most of us ignore sleep disorders and put ourselves at a greater risk of heart failure, strokes and hypertension. Lack of sleep also makes your skin look older. Cortisol is a hormone which is released from the body in stressful conditions.

Better Athletic Performance

Our body heals during sleep and improves athletic performance. Some other benefits include:

  • better performance intensity
  • increased energy levels.
  • better coordination
  • faster speed
  • better mental functioning

Although, sleep quality can’t be link to death but we should understand the fact that driving with just 2 hours of sleep affects your concentration level and increases the chances of accident on road.

So, there are lot of bad things that lack of sleep can do. Take your sleep disorder seriously and start working towards it to experience a better sleep quality.