How to Create and Watch Instagram Reels in 2023

How to Create and Watch Instagram Reels in 2023

Facebook owned Instagram has introduced a new feature popularly known as Reels that allows the users to watch and upload fun and engaging short clips. It allows recording and editing 15 seconds multi-clip videos with audio effects, dialogues and animations. Besides, users can also share Reels content on the feed with the help of a new space on the explore section. As it is testing phase so all users might not receive the update. Instagram Reels is an option available for users in the Instagram camera. It is quite similar to where features like Boomerang, Slo-Mo, Rewind Video etc. Users will have to open their Instagram camera and select Reels to start creating the 15-seconds video and provision for its users with options to add music from Instagram Music Library, effects, speed and timer. After recording the video, users can choose the target audience.

  • To start, make sure to get the updated version of Instagram from Google Playstore. Just connect your smartphone to WiFi and install the update.
  • After installing the update, open the camera.
  • All the reel features will be available just next to Super zoom, handsfree, layout and Boomerang.
  • After a click on Reels, choose audio from the music library. You will have an option to record original voice in addition to lipsyncing. Other effects like AR effects, re-recording of video, deleting the video can also be done.
  • Users have the option to share it with either their followers or everyone on Instagram. It can also be shared to their Feed as well as Explore so everyone on Instagram can view it.
  • There are different options to watch Reels easily. Just open the Instagram and browse your feed till you spot any Reels video. The Reels icon can easily be viewed on the bottom-left of the video. Just tap the icon and it will take you to right place. Alternatively, explore the feed from the search bar and watch Reels.
  • Although, not all the users getting an update on Reels still it will be rolled out to all in near future.

Reels was officially introduced in June only in selected countries. Soon after, the feature changed substantially depending on the test response. Some other platforms like Roposo also trying to build a bigger base and users will use this platform soon. This has created an opportunity to get in line with the interface and offer a full-fledge feature across the country.