Importance of Science and Technology

Importance of Science and Technology

Today everything around us is gift of science and technology. Imagine a day when you wake up and analyse the things you use starting from toothbrush to clothes you wear. All are made up because of science. This ensures that no one can expect a day without science and technology revolving around them. Science and technology are extremely important in our lives as it makes our life easy and secure to live.

Science consists of physical and natural world whereas technology is the application arising from science. This makes it understood that we need both. Read on to know more about the importance of science and technology in today’s era.

Education – Today even at times when world is affected by corona virus pandemic, science and technology has made it possible to study. It has given options for online classes, e-books, e-libraries which helps us to gain knowledge and wisdom and move on in our life. We can’t undervalue the contribution of science and technology in education field.

Internet – Information technology is a blessing for all of us. This has also been derived due to technological advancements only. Internet have enabled everyone to get immense knowledge on different subjects and at the same time to stay connected with our friends and family via calls or chats.

New inventions – Some of the appliances like AC, microwave, washing machines have made our life easier to live. We can feel the comfort at our home due to these appliances that make work easier . Can u imagine faster cooking without microwave and induction cook tops? Even the hottest temperatures can be controlled with air conditioners. It has become easy to commute due to better infrastructure and vehicles.

Better Health Facilities – Science has made significant contributions in health sector by providing treatment for various chronic diseases. It has been made possible only due to the technology that has made treatments for various chronic diseases possible due to the discovery of devices like X-ray, scan machines, operation devices, pacemaker and much more! There are different types of exercising equipment and various health apps are available to maintain health and live a good and peaceful life.

Development of Mobile Phones – In the year of 1973, the invention of mobile phones took place but since then it has gone through a lot of changes. Earlier phones were only used to only to call or send messages but now one can use a mobile phone to do a lot other things like booking cabs, ordering food, booking hotels and purchasing a railway or air ticket.

Even mobile apps are available for everything. You and your kids can study as well on some education apps easily.

In today’s world, the role of science and technology is indispensable as we need Science and Technology in every sphere of our life. In fact, without technology, we cannot imagine our life. To empower the organized growth and development of Science and Technology, specialized research and development agencies are also being set up recently.