How to Maintain Healthy Relationship with your Partner?

How to Maintain Healthy Relationship with your Partner

The most challenging relationship we will ever have is with ourselves. Our life always faces ups and downs, obstacles, challenges and accomplishments. Ideally, we should learn from our experiences to move ahead and live a better life. The first job of everyone is to know how to be a best person.

After getting an idea on oneself, you can begin the journey of being ourselves in a relationship. Having an intimate relationship with another person seems to be challenging task. However, with some modifications and incorporate the full capacity and potential of another human being into a relationship. You can always imagine as how difficult it is to create a healthy experience and promote individual expression and personal growth of both people in relationship.

Intimacy, friendship, familiarity, connection, and safety are hallmarks of a successful relationship and incorporating a few essential principles will help you to define a loving (and healthy) relationship.

Participate in each other’s learning and growth

Be a mirror for each other. Learn from the feelings and behaviors of our partner and gain new perspective which will enhance the quality of your relationship. The interest of each partner serves as a fertile ground for learning and growth.

Value and respect each other’s individuality and boundaries

We all are different. We should understand our individual differences and learn to accept them. A healthy relationship always nurtures and embraces qualities and ignores the mistakes. Always stay away from relationships that control you as threatening your partner in any way affect the relationship and increases sourness. At the same time, be wary if your partner tries to make you like them.

To develop healthy and loving relationship, always respect the limitations of your partner. Give space to each other to pursue individual interests also.

Encourage healthy communication and dialogue.

Feel free and comfortable in communication and speak your mind. It should not be expected that you and your partner will agree on everything. So, keep your communication straightforward and honest and avoid being judgmental.

Share like or similar values.

Both the partners are on the same page when the question comes about family values, raising children, religious and spiritual life and even politics. Create a similar opinion to look at life and relate on important issues. That doesn’t mean that people from different backgrounds, religions and ideologies can’t be your ideal partner as these differences may take some time to understand and workout. This can be made possible only when partners value each other enough to make the relationship work.

Share major life decisions and choices.

It is well understood that problems will arise during a relationship but no partner should shout and feel frustrated. Remember to keep in mind commitment to your loving relationship. Try to meet the expectations to work out a solution in the best interest of your family overall. Create a right balance with right compromise by drawing each person’s previous knowledge and wisdom.

Life is all about change. Nothing stays forever. Feel secure and safe in your relationship and all the twists and turns will find their way on their own.