Why Satin Pillowcases Are Better for Your Hair


If even after trying various hair products nothing seems to work for your hair then cotton pillow cover may be a reason behind your hair woes. This is because of the reason that cotton pillowcases are porous and leads to hair tangles leading to brittle unmanageable locks. Thus, switching to a satin pillowcase may seem to be a perfect solution to get rid of common hair problems.

Some of the Reasons as why Satin Pillowcases are Better for your Hair!

Smoother Hair

Cotton pillowcases have a rough surface that damages your hair’s cuticles. Cuticles are the outermost layer of your hair that protects the hair shaft and maintaining them is essential. Satin allows hair to glide easily without causing any damage. This proves to be very useful for people with curly hair.

Less Breakage

Friction leads to more breakage. While using cotton pillowcases, hair tends to rub against the shaft and make them weaker and more prone to damage. Satin pillowcases become an investment to reduce hair breakage.

Although, satin pillow covers won’t stop the breakage altogether but it will reduce it comparatively as friction will not be the only reason that leads to hair breakage.

Reduced Frizz

Cotton covers increases frizz and it can’t be easy to control in people having curly hair. A satin pillowcase helps to keep the locks in place and get rid of the problem with ease. It also produces less static electricity and reduces the flyaway hairs even if you are living in hot and dry climatic conditions.

Fewer Tangles

Using a comb every morning becomes a time taking process and if you sleep in wet hair then it can be worse. This is because cotton snags your hair all night and twists them into knots that have to be untangled in the morning. The use of a satin cover allows your hair to slip across the surface and leads to fewer tangles. This also reduces the weakening of hair cuticles.

Better Hydration

Cotton takes away moisture from hair and skin while satin avoid hair from dehydration. Dehydrated hair looks flat and makes them hard to manage. Remember that hair requires some degree of hydration to look vibrant and glossy. A switch from cotton pillow case to satin will also make your hair stronger.

Healthier Scalp

A satin pillowcase also benefits your scalp as it allows retaining more moisture. The scalp produces sebum that keeps your hair hydrated and supple and it also leads to healthier hair. You should switch from your cotton cover to satin cover to get a healthier scalp.

Cleaner Hair

Cotton holds the best ability to soak dirt and oil that you may be having when your head hits on pillow. With a period of time, it builds up on pillowcase and might affect your hair and face too whereas satin pillowcases are unable to soak up dirt and oil. It will keep products from building up in your hair and leave the natural oils that keep your hair soft and also benefit your skin by preventing acne breakouts!

You can easily find a quality satin pillowcase in best online stores. Satin pillowcases are affordable than silk as it’s a weave made of silk and other materials. Make a right move to experience smoother and healthier hair.