Various Types of Sunglasses Frames for Your Face

Various Types of Sunglasses Frames for Your Face

Sunglasses not only add to your style statement but also protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. When it comes to buying eye gear, determining your face size and shape is important to get a best fitting and functionality. Trust some of the parameters like measure your face, determine your face shape, and match that shape to a style of sunglasses and spare some time to choose the right glasses for yourself whether its summers or winters.

Full-Rimmed Frames

A full-rimmed frame is made up of a plastic or metal frame that completely encloses the lenses. It helps to highlight the eyes. Full frames are considered as the best as they are highly impact-resistant and recommended for use by people having active lifestyle.

Although, they are bit heavier than other frames but they are capable to hold even large lenses. These frames are available in several types of material like plastic, metal, titanium, wooden look etc. in different sizes and styles.

Half-Rim Frames

Half-rim frames, popularly known as semi-rimless glasses, give a classy yet comfortable look. This style statement never goes out of trend as it highlights the upper half area of your eyes.

As they are very lightweight, most of the people find it comfortable to wear in daily routine activities. These frames are not the best choice for people having an active lifestyle.

Rimless Frames

A three-part frame with two temples and a nose bridge makes a rimless frame. In these frames, it is essential that lenses should be made from strong material like polycarbonate or Trivex. These frames are made by skilled technician as lens must be the right fit for the frame and any mismatch lead to early breakage. It gives a more mature look.

Shield Frames

In early 2000s, shield frames became very popular. They give the best protection to your eyes. This frame covers the face with its elongated lenses. It gives a rugged and sporty look to your face. If anyone wants to use a shield frame for prescription glasses then it can be done by using an optical insert to hold the glasses from behind the shield ones. These frames are made from polycarbonate or nylon material.

Face features plays an important role to find out what type of frame suits you the best. Do you have soft, rounded, angular or sharp features? Make sure to wear frames that are opposite to the shape of your face.

Frames enhance your overall face look, style and provide you comfort while wearing sunglasses.

Have a closer look to your face. Heavy glasses are recommended for wider top-half of the face and vice-versa. Shield glasses are not the right choice for square face as it makes your face look angular.

Always remember that some of the eye gear looks attractive only at the optical store and you may not find it right fit due to the style of your face. Some other considerations to choose the right frame includes skin tone, eye and hair color. The best eyeglasses always complement your eyes, face and hair.